Real-time lightning more affordable than ever.

Prices start at just an additional $9.45 per month!

50 X 50 miles $9.45 $9.45
100 x 100 miles $15.75 $12.60
150 x 150 miles $31.50 $26.25
300 x 300 miles $47.25 $36.75
600 x 600 miles $91.00 $47.25
1000 x 1000 miles $173.25 $94.50
1500 x 1500 miles $220.50 $117.25
Full, U.S. National Coverage $267.75 $133.00

A basic WeatherTAP account includes the complete set of lightning images on the web site as well as basic low-resolution, 10-minute old lightning data in RadarLab HD+. Optionally you may purchase real-time, high-resolution lightning data for RadarLab HD+. This optional service is priced based on coverage area and total number of logins allowed for your account. To add real-time lightning to your subscription, go to My Account under the Services menu in the top navigation. On the resulting page, in the lower right, click "Add Option Package" to begin. From there, choose the coverage area and proceed. Please e-mail us at or call us on weekdays at 866-469-9982 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Central Time.

Below is a screenshot from RadarLab HD+ showing a real-time lightning area. It is defined by the red box. All lightning strikes within that box are real-time strikes. You can change the location of your real-time coverage area by clicking on the settings button in the RadarLab HD+ toolbar. This is the third button from the right in the image below. Once the settings page is opened, click on the "Real-Time Lightning Settings" link. You will then be able to change the latitude and longitude of your coverage area.